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Habits vs new growth

We are born with the rich possibility of movement. Many muscles are available. And yet…as time passes habits form. We use some muscles more and more. And others hardly at all. It’s almost as if our nervous system forgets that they are there.

Awareness through movement workshops are designed to remind the body of the potential. Gentle exploration of movements allow the nervous system to increase it’s awareness of muscles that can enable movements which are stronger, more graceful, less stressful to the body.

After a workshop the body is enabled. The body remembers. There is the possibility of moving with ease again.

See what it can do for you.

Moving with Ease Again Workshop with Veronica Rock at the Life Centre Romiley on 26 April 2013.

Moving with Ease Again

Awareness through Movement

My experience of Feldenkrais is that it is fun, fascinating and deeply relaxing.

For Veronica’s workshops we (mostly) seem to be resting on the floor.

In her own gentle, calm manner she invites us to be a little bit playful, a little bit experimental. Try moving this. Notice how that is. Small movements within your comfort zone. And yet, the effects can be significant. The body remembers. The body engages muscles differently. The body can move with greater ease.

I have also found that it helps me to move with less pain. I am using muscles that I didn’t know I had. And my body shape seems to be changing. Fascinating.

                                    Moving with Ease Again

Our second Awareness through Movement workshop is booked for Friday 26th April.

Once again Veronica will be joining us to take us through movements that expand our body’s way of doing things.

Join us at the Life Centre, Romiley

1-4pm on Friday 26th April.

Secure your place with a payment of £25.

Cheques made payable to V. Rock.

Please pass payments in advance of the workshop to:

B. Rose

Text or phone 07552 460 016

Enquiries can be made through the comments box. These are private and not published here, except by mutual agreement.