Are you sitting comfortably ?

Sitting is the theme for Feldenkrais Awareness week. All over the country practitioners will be teaching a lesson on this theme on May 11th 2013.

We have plans to follow up this theme with the next workshop in Romiley.

Plans are provisional.

However if you are interested, here’s some thoughts:

See the Feldenkrais Guild for information about activities near you in Feldenkrais Awareness Week.

Go on-line to Feldenkrais Guild website and follow the lesson: Are you sitting comfortably?

Get in touch with Feldenkrais in Romiley to register your interest in the next workshop.

We are looking at June 28th as a possible date.

Friday afternoon at Life Centre Romiley with Veronica Rock.

Theme: Are you sitting comfortably ? plus… and will include some sitting lessons as well as ones on the mats.

Provisional title: Easy movement for neck and shoulders.


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