Move with Ease …Moving with ease again

The second of our workshops was a delight.

Our first lesson helped develop awareness along the length of the spine and gently mobilised it so that movement can be easier, with less strain on the neck. Ideal for anyone who practises Yoga and uses the cobra posture.

In each lesson, the gentle instruction is to do very little. Or at least to make small movements. These movements are made with focus and awareness. As attention rests with the body, noticing a lift or a turn or a twist, the mind’s focus allows relaxation of loops of thought.

Through kindly attention on the body, and gentle movements, stress release happens. At the end of the workshop, I notice that I am breathing differently, standing differently, moving differently, smiling differently. The shift to the deeply relaxed state means that I am even speaking differently. The night after I sleep deeply and wake into a relaxed state.

For those who have tried meditation, and for those who haven’t, this is one way to enter a meditative state.


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