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Curious about Feldenkrais?

Feldenwho? Feldenwhat? Feldenkrais?

Never heard of it! What’s that about?

Some of the responses when I mention Feldenkrais.

How to give people a flavour of it?

Possibly you have to try it to get it.

So here’s something you might want to look at.

On The Feldenkrais Guild Uk website there are a series of short audios. Each no more than 15 minutes. So if you have a spare 20 minutes, maybe try one of these and get a feel for things. Still not the same as being in a totally relaxed state and having gentle guidance from a teacher and the fun of an hour or two exploring what the body can do. Yet it’s a glimpse. It might give you  a taste of things and a glimmer of an idea if you’d like to have a fuller Feldenkrais experience.

There are 8 sitting lessons on this year’s theme of Are you sitting comfortably?

You’ll find them on the Feldenkrais Awareness Week page for 2013.

From previous years more recordings of lessons are available.


More about Joan

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via feldenkrais teaching in Sheffield.

Click on the link above to learn more about Joan Winter, the teacher for our October meeting.


“Feldenkrais focuses on refining awareness as its main tool for maturing the nervous system. ….. Feldenkrais involves the whole person in developing an awareness of him or herself.  Although the right ideas are suggested, it does not impose an image.”
from ‘The Psoas Book’ by Liz Koch
 As I learn more, there is so much of the genius of Moshe Feldenkrais to admire.
How wonderful to know that  Awareness through Movement can enable us to become more fully connected. We can introduce our body to moving a little differently, gentle and easy movements. The nervous system makes new connections and makes better, wiser choices, so that we can move with greater ease and grace.
At any age, this option is available to us.

Dates for the Autumn

We are planning two workshops for later in the year.

In October, Joan Winter will travel over from Sheffield to do a workshop on Saturday 5 October. The focus will be on freeing the back. Though all the body will be involved and all the body can benefit.

Saturday 5 October 9-45 for 10.00am start. Finish at 12-30. Freeing the back.

In November, Veronica will join us again for a Friday afternoon at The Life Centre for a workshop called Breathing Freely. Again, a whole body thing.

Friday 15 November 12-45 for 1pm start. Finish 4pm. Breathing Freely.

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