Breathing Body Mind

The Feldenkrais Method can sometimes, for some fortunate folk, result in a joyful mix of emotions. Generally I leave a workshop (or a 1:1) feeling a vibrant sense of relaxation. Perhaps that sounds like a contradiction. And yet that’s how it is. It can all feel mysterious. Wonderful and mysterious.

Take Veronica’s last workshop. For the first part of the session each of us sat on a chair and moved our arms over our heads, invited oh so gently to move our arms according to Veronica’s quiet and gentle suggestions. Be aware. Notice. Just move. Just move with ease. No forcing or pushing. Just small movements.  Thirty minutes later we were invited to stand on one leg. We found (all of us) that our balance had improved. How does that work? ….Curious.

Between each spell of gentle experimentation we were invited to walk. You probably had to be there to experience the quiet wave of pleasure as each of us noticed that we were walking differently. Yes with more ease. And also with a gracefulness. A relaxed feeling of something close to…well…the closest word might be power. Relaxed and vibrant. The embodiment of feeling  All’s Well. There was some quiet giggling and a brief discussion of a word for the feeling. Not really a swagger…more relaxed and at one than a swagger. Mysterious and wonderful.

Moshe Feldenkrais a clever man. Veronica a skilled teacher. These workshops can make a difference. Change for the better. Move with Ease.


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