Thank you

A big thank you to Veronica for yesterday’s workshop at the Life Centre in Romiley.

Throughout the afternoon there was a gentle, quiet focus on body and breathing. As usual the time was divided so that we had three lessons  with a short break between each.

Each lesson was a guided experiment, an exploration of breathing. No right or wrong. No forcing or pushing or pain. Just try this. Just notice. Just relax into the awareness. Notice. Notice the in breath. Notice the pause. Notice the release of the out breath.

For a short part of the lesson we were seated. For most of the afternoon we were on the floor. On our back. For one sequence on our front. Sometimes on our left or our right side. Making small movements, perhaps a few centimetres to and fro.  Veronica invited us to tweak our breathing. Make the exhalation a little longer. Or breathe with attention on the movement of the abdomen, or the chest. Or the rib ‘basket’. We learned to notice how the ribs can move much more than we habitually move them. There’s flexibility there. And through bringing our awareness to the different quarters of the chest or rib basket, there was a shift in our sensations. A shift in our felt awareness of our bodies and what our bodies could do. A sense of expansion. An expansion in our choices and in our breathing and in the movement of our bodies.

During the breaks for a brew or a toilet break , some gentle conversation and exchange of views about each participant’s experience. One might notice the ease with which they moved from the floor to standing, another a feeling of standing taller, or of the voice sounding different, calmer, steadier, deeper. Reflecting the breath. Mirroring the mind state of complete relaxation that the calm focus of Awareness through Movement and the Feldenkrais Method enables.

So in a state of deep relaxation and quiet attention to the sensations arising we moved through the lessons. Breathing in a relaxed way. Moving in a relaxed way. Smiling as we went our separate ways. Knowing that our bodies had absorbed a few new choices. Feeling that we could move differently. We could breath differently. We could move with ease.


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