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Move with Ease: Standing and Walking

We are now ready to take bookings for the next Feldenkrais workshop in Romiley.

Veronica will be talking us through some gentle moves that will bring us closer to realising our full human potential. And even better, they’ll mostly be done while lying on the floor. With the help of gravity and without the distraction of seeing much of what other people are doing, there’s a chance to tune into your own body, to notice how a small movement feels as it ripples through all the connections of our embodied being.

Like me, you may find yourself surprised and delighted when at the end of a short lesson, invited to stand and walk, you seem lighter, relaxed, aligned. There’s a delight and a joy, as well as a sense of empowerment that comes from moving with ease.

Awareness through Movement: Standing and Walking

Friday 20th June 2014

12.45 for 13.00 hr to 16-00hrs.

Life Centre, Romiley.

Book by sending a cheque for £25 (made payable to V. Rock).


Summer Workshop: Awareness through Movement

Our next Move with Ease workshop is booked for Friday afternoon on 20 June.

More details to follow.