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Autumn dates to follow…

After today’s workshop there was a consensus that it would be useful to have an afternoon where we learned from Veronica about how we could increase the ease and strength around the pelvic floor area. Of course, everything is connected. So this would be a whole body approach that would enable greater integration of the movements of the pelvic floor with our complete body system.

Both men and women experience some issues around this area of the body and can experience beneficial changes through bringing awareness and greater mobility, ease of contraction and relaxation.

Veronica is looking at a date in October for this workshop.

We are also planning a workshop focusing on movements that ease neck and shoulders sometime in the autumn. Watch this space for diary dates for these two Awareness Through Movement workshops.


The joy of movement: walking in this world

Today I was reminded of the difference between an Awareness Through Movement workshop and other ways of working with the body. Or more correctly, with the body-mind. Although the workshops can be tiring and this is rarely due to the physical exertion. It’s the mental effort and focus on making moves that we have forgotten we can do.

The re-wiring of the neural networks require only small movements together with focused attention. The guidance is to keep movements small – this can be as little as a movement of a centimetre. Veronica invites us to pay gentle attention while playfully exploring the guided moves: notice how that might feel, the way things change might feel different for each participant. There is no right way. Explore.

This approach cuts across so much of how we do things. Veronica might repeat: do small movements, less than you can. Avoid pain and keep movements small. Even knowing this, I can sometimes forget. When you try Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement , perhaps you’ll see what I mean.

For some of us this afternoon’s workshop with Veronica meant that after the first ‘lesson’ we were walking with ease, with a greater sense of balance and flow. One participant found the relaxation and exploration of movements led to a feeling of being more grounded, another with a feeling of being taller, more relaxed. Engaging shoulders, arms and allowing the pelvis to move, all part of the awakening of the nervous system to the potential for engaging in new non-habitual patterns.

Many of us left the workshop with the sense that walking could be lighter. more balanced, more flowing, a fully engaged and graceful way to move .

Spaces available

There are spaces available for those wishing to book now for the forthcoming workshop on Friday 20th June.