Monthly Archives: September 2014

Neck and shoulders: move with ease

On Friday 10th October Veronica will be travelling over from North Wales for one of her wonderful workshops.

You’ve probably got to experience one to see the extraordinary outcomes that can be felt afterwards. Or even to know how the workshops have the effect that they do. They are a mysterious alchemy. A mix of working with the body (that has a deeply relaxing effect on the mind) and paying attention to the smallest of movements (or even no movement at all) that will allow walking, standing, moving to feel lighter, softer, more graceful. more powerful, more delightful.

Each person’s response will be different. For me, one workshop eased the pain and led to an improvement in my movement more than a course of physiotherapy. While not everyone gets that benefit, for those that do, this is a great opportunity to enjoy an afternoon with gentle attention to the body and it’s movement that can have beneficial effects on the possibilities for movement that can last.

This week confirm your place with a cheque made payable to V. Rock.