The paradox at the heart of the Feldenkrais Method

At the heart of the Feldenkrais Method lies a paradox.

Engaging in an Awareness through Movement experience (or having 1:1 Functional Integration) is undertaken without the idea of a particular posture in mind. The intention is to explore, become aware, experience, connect with the body.

And yet by doing that, improvements in posture happen.

In this way it has more in common with some kinds of meditation than with many other approaches to bodywork. There are approaches to meditation which involve just noticing. Becoming aware of what arises in the field of experience. Without any attempt to try to impose an outcome. Of all the methods of meditation that I’ve experienced, this is the area that offers the most potential for change. Change for the better. Through allowing, accepting, being gentle, transformation occurs. It happens and when it happens it feels effortless. And it feels embedded. Arising out of the field of experience.

So, I  go to Feldenkrais sessions with an awareness that change will happen without making it happen. Allowing shifts to occur out of the field of awareness.

Perhaps that’s why, one of the participants in our October workshop wrote this:

I love Veronica’s teaching.  It works for me as a meditation with physical benefits. Over the weekend I was able to bring to mind thinking about ‘ the four corners’ to bring me out of my head and into the body, it was very helpful.

No doubt Moshe Feldenkrais’s experience of martial arts enabled him to develop this unique approach to bodywork. It seems to have more things in common with insight meditation and with Zhan Zhuang than you might guess.



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