Yesterday , another lovely workshop. All the hallmarks of Veronica’s teaching: gentle, relaxing, quietly informative. Something deeply relaxing. Time to enjoy, in the moment, focusing awareness on the experience of small, often novel, movements and stillness.

These sessions can lead to a deeply relaxed, trancelike state. This feels beneficial and transformative. And yet, as a participant, this trance like state can mean that recollection of the specifics is very hazy. I know we had three sessions. I know that they seemed perfectly paced and expertly balanced. I know that at the end of the afternoon, I felt that I was occupying a body that felt taller, more at ease and moved with something that felt like grace. After that, the details are, as I say, hazy.

Appropriately for a theme of balancing left and right, there was clear symmetry. The first session of about 40 minutes gave us the opportunity to explore movements engaging whichever side seemed to move more/less easily. For the second lesson, we paid attention to the midline. In the third part ( and by then in deep relaxation) we explored movements crossing the mid line and the connection between left and right as we made small movements which we then linked together to produce a joyful and liberating rolling from side to side. Freeing up the body, relaxing into movement, experiencing real heartwarming joy. For me , the essence of a Feldenkrais workshop.


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