Looking, moving…and The Feldenkrais Method

Hand * Eye * Balance

We are highly visual beings. Gifted with sight, it is our vision that often directs our movements. Just how powerfully this connection is becomes evident when you try a Feldenkrais workshop. In one of the lessons which I’ve experienced I simply lay on the floor and moved my eyes. 40 minutes. Just moving eyes. Or at least the instructions were about exploring movements of the eye. Because, as I’ve learned, nothing moves in isolation. Everything’s connected.


So often we’ve explored themes on movement, such as sitting, or themes exploring movements (like the most recent workshop (lightness, freedom, flow), or focused on a particular aspect of our skeleton, the pelvis or the spine. In each of these different approaches, we have often found that we explore a movement one way. We move to the comfortable limits, well within our range. Then we might engage the eyes in a particular way. We might be guided to look in a particular direction as we make a move and discover that the move feels different. Further exploration with looking in different directions might be part of the lesson. Then we might find that somehow, the movement is easier, lighter, we are able to move further in an effortless way. It seems that something almost magical happens when we work with the connections between eye and movement.


This magical thing may be related to the power of the visual. I’ve heard it said that 80% of our brain activity is related to visual activity. Once we start exploring the implications of this, it is interesting to investigate how our eye movements link to other movements. How closing our eyes affects our brain activity. How we can improve our intuitive response and move with ease through developing confidence in our balance. Hands, eyes, whole body moving in balance. Here’s to more of that in 2016.


Hand* Eye * Balance is our January Workshop in Romiley, at the Life Centre on 29th January from 1pm to 4pm.

Bookings now being taken.

Maybe see you there?



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