Move a little, learn a lot

The Feldenkrais Method: Move a little, learn a lot.

  • Move a little
  • Learn – re-wire, re-charge, re-fresh – a lot.

Learning is whole body thing and a whole life possibility. Whatever your age, The Feldenkrais Method offers opportunities to re-fresh, re-charge and re-wire. As recent research produces more evidence of neural plasticity, we know more about how The Feldenkrais Method leads to benefits for all. Developing connections, intuitively, experientially…for greater ease, grace and power.

Since the publication of the book Thinking Fast and Slow by nobel laureate Daniel Kahnemann, there has been a lot of coverage of his research. This seems to show that most of what we regard as ‘thinking’ is fast thinking: it’s reactive and based on implicit assumptions. Good if you want speed. And quite a lot of the time it serves us well. Over the years we form habits of reacting. However, if you want to change, do things differently, it’s slow thinking that must happen.

When this is applied to movement it’s easy to see the difference between fast and slow. In the movements that we make, the ping ping ping of information and instruction, of energy and flow is happening off the radar. Light comes into the eye, pings a response in the optical nerve, the neurones fire in response. From light to eye, impulse to brain, electrical charge to neurones, twitch in muscle fibres. Ping. Ping . Ping. Split second stuff. In those moments we are not knowingly making choices. This is how it is most of the time. Stimulus leads to response, which seems to just happen. So far, so automatic. And so helpful when it allows ease and speed.

But what happens when we want more ease or speed, when we want to do things differently?

Then we need to pause. We need slow movement. This is at the heart of The Feldenkrais Method.

Decades before Kahnemann and co. did their research about how we think, Moshe Feldenkrais was, in effect, putting these principles into practice.

In the The Feldenkrais Method we are offered alternative ways of moving. A session of Feldenkrais -whether it is an Awareness through Movement ‘lesson’ or an individual 1:1 with a practitioner (Functional Integration) – is about slow thinking. We re-fresh and recharge through slow moving.

Whenever we make a move quickly our habits are likely to be in charge.

Slow down. Pause. Make a move with awareness and attention. Experiment. Explore. Rest. Allow all those neural pathways to absorb this possibility. Allow your body and your muscle memory, your brain and your connections to remember. Now you have the possibility of moving differently. Moving with greater ease and grace, with increased flexibility and strength.

It turns out that following this approach, not only can our bodies move with ease, but ‘lessons’ can be deeply relaxing too. As you focus awareness on the body and movements, you may well find that your internal dialogue calms. At the end of one of Veronica’s workshops, it’s not unusual to leave in a deeply relaxed, almost meditative state.

Ease for body and mind.

Slow thinking – slow moving

Re-freshing – re-wiring

Exploring Extending

Ease Grace Power Strength

Awareness through Movement

Join us when you can. Move a little, learn a lot.


One response to “Move a little, learn a lot

  1. Lilian Atherton

    I recognise all that reactivity. Oh how I want it to be different. I want to be more thoughtful more still, all the better to act skilfully and with wisdom. I feel all these possibilities in a Feldenkrais session.

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