Moving from your centre

Our recent workshops have had a focus on the physical periphery of our bodies. Hands, eyes, feet. While exploring the movement of these, it is impossible not to notice the connections and to see the possibilities. A gentle opening and closing of our hands, synchronised with each inhalation and exhalation, relaxes us to the core. Curling our toes, we notice muscles in our abdomen engage. We walk on our feet, the movement is made easier, lighter, more graceful with better connections throughout the body and the involvement of the core of our being.

Where  is this core? Where is our centre?

‘The centre that we use in Feldenkrais is the tanden as in Judo or tan t’ien in T’ai Chi (two inches or so below the navel). My teacher, Russell Delman, calls it ‘the golden ball’. I guess it is a little higher than the hips. And actually, in terms of physics and biomechanics, the centre of gravity can be much higher, depending on the position you are in and the movement you are making.’ Veronica Rock


The dynamics of this are not one dimensional. In the mind body system, we can achieve beneficial shifts by paying attention to the Tan T’ien.


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