Monthly Archives: August 2016

Friday 30 September Upper Back/Lower Back

During 2016 we have been exploring our connections from top to toes.

After some gentle movements encouraging enhanced awareness of shoulder movements in July, our next workshop will give us the opportunity to connect our upper and lower back.

Upper Back-Lower Back. Everything’s connected. Expect a mix of focused awareness and whole body movements and integration. If you are new to Feldenkrais Method, the notes on our most recent workshop can give some idea of how sessions can be. On the other hand, as a participant recently commented, part of the delight of these workshops, is the you discover surprising things.

Veronica Rock will lead the workshop at The Life Centre, Romiley.

Now is a good time to book by sending your cheque for £30 (made payable to V.Rock).

Friday 30 September 2016

The Life Centre, Romiley, Stockport.

12-45 hrs for 13-00 start.

3 lessons in Awareness Through Movement

The third lesson will finish at 16-00 hrs.