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Getting Ahead of Yourself?

Noticed how the body follows the mind?
Picture this. I’m walking round a green summer lawn. Slowly and mindfully. After all, this is a walking meditation. It feels lovely. The teacher/guide says we may carry on walking, though suggests that we move towards the next location for the following session. Then I am moving across the grass and heading towards the Tara Cabin. I notice that now I am moving differently. My eyes are on the goal. I have a target. A deadline. I move with purpose. And I am no longer in my body. I am in my mind, looking towards my goal and moving towards my goal.
Picture also those moments (that perhaps you’ve also seen) when, inadvertently glancing, seeing my reflection, in a window or a mirror.  I might notice how my head is pushing forwards, ahead of my body. Literally. Physically. In front. No longer atop the spine with the whole body supporting it. Ahead. Where carrying it’s weight becomes more effortful. Didn’t I read somewhere something about the weight of the head increasing for each inch out of alignment? How many lbs per inch  or grams per centimetre?
Have you ever experienced that moment of getting ahead yourself?
Aware that this weight distribution will have an effect on movement, I thought it might be interesting to explore this. Becoming aware of movements, perhaps becoming aware of how to be more fully present and aligned. Aligning with the now. Not getting ahead of yourself. Yes, moving forward. Moving forward without getting ahead of yourself. Awareness through movement and moving with awareness.
Our next Awareness Through Movement afternoon.
Life Centre, Romiley.
Friday 25th November 2016
1pm – 4pm
Teacher and guide: Veronica Rock.
Cost £30
Book as usual, by cheque made payable to V.Rock