Just for a change…

…a post from another participant.

After last week’s workshop, Karen sent an email (reproduced here with her permission).


l absolutely loved the workshop on Friday! 

Veronica is a great teacher and there is something very special about the Feldenkrais method. l’ve explored many movement disciplines throughout my life and Feldenkrais certainly stands alone as being the most complete mind and body system that l’ve ever experienced. 

The workshop touched me on so many levels – eyes and breathing –  and l was particular fascinated by what l described to Veronica as bringing my awareness to the ‘stress response’: the reflexes that create these habitual muscular contractions, which when continually triggered create tightening and contraction. This is something l would love to explore more. 

In the last lesson, Veronica asked us to create movements such as lifting one shoulder up towards the ear, or lifting (both) shoulders forward. These can be typical stress or/and fight or flight responses. They can be quite normal, except when these responses are excessively or inappropriately ingrained in our body. On Friday, for the first time, l grasped an understanding of a stress reflex and its ability to trigger body responses. A big breakthrough…..

Another interesting observation for me since Friday has been the breathing. As Veronica suggested, l have been bringing my attention to the pause following exhalation and it does help to bring about a more natural breathing rhythm. l think it helps too in dissolving muscular tension and holding. Something l’m going to work with…

l’ve already penciled March 31st in my diary, keeping that day FREE. You can definitely count me in as a cert!

l hope you’ve had a good weekend and still enjoying the fruits of the workshop. Veronica’s lovely work is still continuing to process and l am loving this new found freedom of movement in my neck (long may it last) but for now it’s quietly liberating. l’m also relishing the ‘feel-good’ factor from the lessons.

It was really lovely to meet you, along with a delightful group of ladies. Already looking forward to the next one!


If you’d like to try an Awareness through Movement afternoon at The Life Centre, Romiley, you can book now for the next one: Friday 31st March.


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