Breathing into Your Own Space

Perhaps you sometimes notice that you contract. Perhaps there can be some habitual tightness. It’s a fortunate person who moves through life without some tightness and contraction. And when it becomes habitual, it is possible that we don’t even notice. It can become that it feels as if that’s just how it is.

An Awareness Through Movement afternoon allows each of us to become aware of our experience in a gentle and relaxing way. Through gentle awareness we experience movement differently and allow the possibility of change.

In this workshop we will be exploring the movements involved in breathing. There will be three lessons with a short 10-20 minute break between each lesson. We will be bringing our attention to our whole body.

These lessons seem to bring a profound shift in our sense of our bodies in space. How they do this feels rather mysterious. For those who would like to experience the mystery, there’s a chance to join us on Friday 9th June at The Life Centre, Romiley.  See what Awareness Through Movement can do for you.


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