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2018 Dates for your diary

After consultation, I can confirm our earlier start time of 12-00 for our 2018 workshops.

These are the dates.

March 9th

May 4th

July 13

Set up from 11-45 am.
Three guided Awareness through Movement lessons between 12-3pm.

By popular request, the first theme is : Jaws, neck and shoulders.
This is an area where many of us hold tension, so an afternoon of Feldenkrais can ease movement in these areas.
As usual there will be whole body movements. And what helps one part, helps the whole body. Everything’s connected.

In a relaxed and curious mode, our neural networks can learn new pathways, giving us more options. Then the effects of an afternoon of beautifully structured Awareness through Movement lessons can be lasting change. Change for the better.

Do let me know if you would like a particular theme for our subsequent workshops.