Slow and Easy

Here’s a few top tips from Friday’s Awareness through Movement workshop:

The first from a participant (who happens to be a pilates teacher):

* Free the jaw, free the spine

our first lesson achieved that (more about how on request)

The second from Moshe Feldenkrais via our teacher:

* More effort=less sensing

100% effort=nearly no sensing

This is one of Moshe Feldenkrais’ guiding principles. If we want to be aware, then it helps not to try too hard.

* we can increase sensing in three ways:

smaller movements

slower movements

less effortful movements

And here’s the effect of slow and easy on one of Friday’s participants, who sent an email saying:

Enjoyed the session. I hold tremendous tension in jaw, so valuable to me. Have had issue with shoulder tendon for past ten day. Was scared to use it but came out with much more shoulder mobility! Was really pleased.

If you’d like to experience slow and easy and what it can do for you, our next workshop is on Friday 4th May. Booking as soon as you like.


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