Friday 4th May

These Awareness Through Movement afternoons can often surprise us most when they focus our attention on small parts of the body. Maybe they are parts of the body that we take for granted or rarely pay attention to. Yet they can have a powerful effect, relaxing our whole sense of being.

In our next workshop we will focus on that part of us which may be the most powerful in this respect.

We will be having a look at how our eyes move. And in the process we will be making small, slow movements with awareness. The novelty of the moves aids focus. The nature of the attention and the movements allows change and relaxation. It’s an extraordinarily effective combination.

If you’ve read about how our eyes are increasingly taking the strain of our screen time, you’ll be interested in experiencing relaxed eyes. If you’ve come across the notion that consciousness resides in the 7 muscles around the eyes, you’ll be curious to see how awareness of how those muscles move and relax affecting our experience in the moment. Then again, if you just want a relaxing afternoon, that might be reason enough to join us on Friday 4th May.

Friday 4th May: One lesson on eyes. Perhaps one lesson on hands. Then integrating hand movement and eye movement in the magic mysterious way that is The Feldenkrais Method.*

*It might feel magic and mysterious, meanwhile neuroscience is giving us more of an understanding of how and why Feldenkrais helps.

See Norman Doidge’s The Brain’s Way of Healing

Chapter 5  Moshe Feldenkrais: Physicist, Black Belt and Healer

Healing Serious Brain Problems Through Mental Awareness of Movement


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