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Upper Body Freedom : December 7th 2018

– Upper Body Freedom

Our next Feldenkrais Friday at The Life Centre, Romiley, on 7th December 2018

Book as soon as you like.

Early bird fee: £30 before 24th November

Full fee: £40

Booking your place with an email and then post your cheque made payable to V.Rock to me in Romiley.

On our next Feldenkrais Friday there will be 3 lessons. We set up in the upstairs room at The Life Centre at 11-45. Fully carpeted, climate controlled. Lessons begin at 12-00. Gentle guidance through awareness, moving with ease. After lesson 1 a short comfort break of about 15-20 minutes. Hot drinks included. Between lesson 2 and 3 a 10 minute break.

Friday Feldenkrais workshop 11-45 to 15-00 hours.

The Life Centre in Romiley is just opposite the railway station, has a free car park at rear and a cafe serving coffee, tea, snacks and lunches. Ruth’s scones are a particular favourite.

Our December workshop has the theme of Upper Body Freedom. Since everything is connected, whatever the theme,  you might experience a sense that all of the body is better connected after an Awareness through Movement afternoon.

– Flexible Hips & Knees 2019

Anyone interested in an afternoon of moves which will explore and develop awareness of our Flexible Hips & Knees and perhaps enabling more flexibility ? Let me know and we can look to have this in out 2019 programme.

– Flexible Hips & Knees 2019

Some comments from participants:

I’ll need to change the position of my mirror for the drive home. I feel taller.

Watched the baby Liv videos and was amazed at the similarities to the lessons. Can see more where he’s coming from I think!

I really enjoyed workshop. Could have slept for a couple of hours after!
I love simplicity of feldenkrais and it’s massive effect.
Feldenkrais makes me realise how manic fast everything is …allowing yourself to take time for yourself.

I felt really happy to be back with Veronica’s excellent teaching and to be in Romiley with you and the other participants. The way Feldenkrais  takes us into our body, picturing the bones and muscles does it for me.  And I find myself thinking if only I can remember these moves and practise even a little! How good it would be for me!